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Industrial Data Performance

Use your data to improve your customer satisfaction and financial performance.
Industrial Data Performance is made for top executives, the methodology allows you to achieve :

  • Diagnostic of data queries usage by top managers,
  • Definition of your data strategy for best in class standards,
  • Performance scorecard and key indicators review,
  • Numerical and physical data performance room,
  • Daily action plan implementation and follow-up,
  • Weekly and monthly performance check-up.

Service level calculation

Service level calculation has multiple way of calculation. Depending of the formula, you can increase or decrease your performance.

In fact, only on way of calculation is the real one. It will help you to focus on long term improvements.

Please discover methods and way of managing your servive levels and do not forget to calculate also your service level in value.

Depth of delay calculation

Depth of delay is a key indicator of the real performance. There is multiple formula using an average or mean. The real method will use a 50 mean and also 80 and 95 mean. It can be calculated on each steps of the manufacturing process.

Inventory Big Data

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What is Industrial Data Performance ?

Industrial data performance refers to the ability of an industrial organization to effectively collect, process, and analyze data in order to optimize their operations and improve performance. This includes the ability to efficiently and accurately collect data from various sources, such as sensors, machines, and equipment, as well as the ability to process and analyze this data in a timely and effective manner. Industrial data performance is critical for companies in the industrial sector, as it enables them to make informed decisions about how to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality and safety of their products and services.

There are several factors that can impact industrial data performance, including the quality and reliability of the data sources, the speed and capacity of data processing and storage systems, and the effectiveness of data analysis tools and techniques. To improve industrial data performance, companies may need to invest in new technologies, such as advanced sensors and data analytics platforms, and develop the skills and expertise of their employees to effectively use these technologies. By improving industrial data performance, companies can gain a competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance the sustainability of their operations.