• Moulins, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, FRANCE


Technoplane has a long experience in data management within manufacturers, e.g. aeronautical shop floors (MRO). Main objectives of the company are to :

  • Improve industrial performance of manufacturers,
  • Train to data methodologies to reach best in class industrial standard within our customers,
  • Use cloud computation tools and optimized algorithms, to ease daily management workload,
  • Improve reactivity of organizations in regards of performance improvements,
  • Itegrate data usage with daily management routines.

Technoplane provides industrial data services.

Collaborative R&D

Technoplane has initiated a highly collaborative R&D project aiming to create the next generation of environmentaly friendy VTOL aircrafts. Our company is developing synergies between industry partners and universities around this innovative project Mini-Bee.

Mini-Bee is a higly collaborative project that aims to developp a hybrid multicopter with vertical take-off capability. The objective is to propose a light air ambulance, that can be easily deployed with civilian aircrafts. Civil forces can then use this small multicopter to be able to respond to environnemental desasters as tsunami or earthquake.

The second R&D project is Bee-Plane. It is a medium range aircraft with detachable fuselage. Objective is to decrease environnemental impact of the air transportation. Techno plane manages this project since first TRL (Technology Readiness Level).

Projects are manage with Lesser Open Bee License 1.3. They involve academic partners and industrial partners with high collaborative tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Technoplane is managing two major projects in AI. 

  • The first one is to make an easy use of AI withing day to day supply chain operations. Tools use inventory data and supply chain data to improve performance of manufacturing teams. It alloaw simple and agile methodologies and tools used by manufacturing sites and it teams.
  • The second is a collaborative 4D GPS used within small aircrafts, VTOL and automated drones. Tools is made for general aviation and futur air mobility aircrafts and other VTOL.


Technoplane is your trusted partner to optimize your company’s industrial performance. With our expertise in data analysis and intelligent utilization of your ERP data, we identify key performance drivers within your supply chain. Our personalized services enable you to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and achieve tangible results. By collaborating with us, you will benefit from in-depth expertise, precise diagnostics, and an improvement program, supported by daily automation tools. Maximize your industrial performance and stay competitive in the digital transformation era towards Industry 4.0 with Technoplane.

Key words : industrial data, industrial performance, supply chain, collaborative R&D, artificial intelligence, data analysis, supply chain optimization, innovative project, ERP, digital transformation.