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Bee Plane

BeePlane – Redefining Aviation with Detachable Fuselage Technology

Welcome to BeePlane R&D project, your portal to the future of aviation innovation. With Bee-Plane, we are pioneering a groundbreaking medium-range aircraft featuring detachable fuselage technology. This cutting-edge advancement promises to revolutionize aircraft design, maintenance, and efficiency.

Collaborative Innovation at TRL3

Our journey at Technology Readiness Level 3 (TRL3) began in 2021. As we approach the closure of this phase by June 2024, we celebrate the collaborative spirit that drives our success. Our esteemed partners include:

  • Estaca (Saint Quentin, Laval, Bordeaux)
  • Ensta
  • Ecole Centrale Lille

Explore the Bee-Plane Wiki

Dive deeper into the Bee-Plane project by visiting our Wiki. Discover the unique features of our aircraft, development milestones, and the collaborative efforts propelling us forward.

Project Overview

Bee-Plane is a medium-range aircraft with a detachable fuselage. It is a collaborative R&D project at TRL3, under the Lesser Open Bee License v1-3. Our innovative design allows for rapid reconfiguration, enhancing versatility and operational efficiency.

Hospital Basket Concept

Innovation extends beyond the aircraft structure. Explore our Hospital Basket, featuring surgical units, medical facilities, and comfortable patient rooms. This concept redefines air emergency operations, ensuring optimal care during transit.

Passenger Comfort Redefined

Experience the future of air travel with our Passenger Floor Plan. Our TRL3 design introduces a triple pressure bubble layout, accommodating 220 passengers with spacious seating, aisles, and modern amenities.

BeePlane® – A Registered Trademark

BeePlane® represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of aviation. As a registered trademark, it stands for innovation, excellence, and our dedication to reshaping the future of flight.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

As we progress through TRL3 and beyond, our focus is on refining detachable fuselage technology and integrating advanced sustainable technologies. We are exploring hybrid-electric propulsion systems and alternative fuels to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you’re an industry professional, a potential partner, or an aviation enthusiast, there’s a place for you in the BeePlane community. Explore our projects, gain detailed insights, and discover how you can contribute to this exciting venture.

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For more information, visit our Wiki, explore our ongoing projects, and contact us to learn how you can be a part of BeePlane’s innovative journey.

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