Need quick industrial performance improvements ? call us

Technoplane has a long experience in data management and big data analytics within aeronautical shop floors.

Though big data services, the main objectives of our company are to :

Improve industrial performance of industrial shopfloors
Spread data methodologies to reach best in class industrial standard
Use cloud computation tools and optimized algorithms, to ease management workload
Improve reactivity of organization in regards to performance improvement.

We use customised data analytics to improve performance of your organisation.

Industrial Data Performance

Use your data to improve customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Made for top executives, Industrial Data Performance allow you to make :

  • Diagnostic of data query usage by top managers
  • Definition of a data strategy for best in class standards
  • Performance scorecard and key indicators review
  • Numerical and physical data performance room
  • Action plan implementation and follow-up
  • Weekly and monthly performance check-up

Quality Clinic

Focus on recurrences and non quality costs

Quality Clinic help the quality team to :

  • Implement regular data routines to improve quality control.
  • Use production indicators to target quality quick win.
  • Train best in class methodology to implement Quality Clinic room.
  • Define and implement first clinic project on critical parts.