Daily Data Analysis for Industrial Performance Improvements

All Data Products are provided under Lesser Open Bee License 1.3.

Daily Excel Automation

Use daily analysis with our highly versatile tool.
You do not need to know Excel VBA to use it.
Code and exemples are provided in Lesser Open Source License and are free for use for internal usage.
Commercial use is allowed with royalities, please contact us.
Download bellow examples for direct implementation.

Inventory Big Data

Find your optimum between inventory value and service level.

Inventory Big Data has been designed for planners in order to :

  • Use Price Consumption ABCLog methodology to target quick win actions
  • Check leadtime, re-order batchsize and production economical quantities
  • Define and check re-order advanced parameters
  • Use daily data control indicators to achieve performance optimization
  • Define re-order key figures with inventory optimization algorithms.

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Cloud Action Plan

Optimize your daily production routines.

With « Cloud Action Plan » tool, operational managers will be able to :

  • Define daily dedicated follow-up files for key processes.
  • Reach a new performance level in action plan management.
  • Link action plan information directly with existing data.
  • Use smartphone and tabs to access production status.

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Low cost cloud Computing and daily query automation

Optimize your daily production routines on multiple computers working in parallele

Use production shopfloor computers to run daily queries at night.

  • Spread calculation on multiple existing windows computer
  • Use production shopfloor computer to run queries next to final users
  • Use cloud server to run multiple calculation in parallele
  • display result on multiple devices : smartphone, tablets, and actors (suppliers, customers)

Weekly LOB (List of Bills) on Air Supply Purchase orders (PO)

Download Zip :2019 02 25a LOB Air Supply v1
For each article, checks your promized dates according to agreed dates:

  • Check quantities with weekly view
  • Identify main differencies
  • Implement automatic daily LOB
  • Improve your LOB review meeting

Check your production time (real time / standard time)

Identify Operation by Part Number that need a quick modification of Standard Time.

Establish monthly report on each shopfloor worker :

Plot Graphs with monthly objectives.

Download Zip :ProductionTimeChecksv1
For each article and workers, checks real time versus standard time:

  • Check standard time according to Part Number average
  • Identify main differencies and quick win
  • Implement automatic month or weekly analysis
  • Improve your accuracy of standard times
  • Reduce variability of your ressource/capacity planning

Checks standard time on sub process per workers.

Tool can be quickly adapted to your own data. Error correction mode is included within the tool.

Send a file with Gandi email

send automatic emails with a file attached, and a customized title and text.

Download Zip :StandardSendEmail

  • Send a file with its file name
  • Send multiple files in maximum AAAAMMJJ HHhmm folder

This tool is used to send multiple file in attachement of email send with Gandi Email, for exemple for supplier forecast send to supplier on a regular automatic basis.

All product are distributed/available under Lesser Open Bee License 1.3