Collaborative R&D in aeronautics

Collaborative Project management is part of Technoplane’s activities. Our company has been implementing for several years projects in collaborative aeronautical field with universities and industrials. Do you want to know more about our projects ? Don’t hesitate to contact us Website with all usefull links to collaborative projects. Wiki is a centralized point for all technical documentation. Easilly accessible for academics and industrials.

Mini-Bee – Hybrid VTOL – TRL3 Mini-Bee is a collaborative R&D project of a VTOL hybrid aircraft. It has entered TRL3. 15 universities and 10 industrials are currently involved in the collaborative project to developp a low cost air ambulance.

Plane-Plane – Detachable Fuselage Aircraft – TRL2 Bee-Plane is a medium range aircraft with detachable fuselage. The project is currently at TRL2 (Technology Readiness Level).

Iso-Plane Project TRL2 is a short range aircraft capable of transporting a 20 feets container.